New Advanced Equine Nutrition Course

New Advanced Equine Nutrition CourseNew Advanced Equine Nutrition Course

New Advanced Equine Nutrition Course

Advanced Equine Nutrition Course from Equine Education, learning online in the comfort of your own home

Do you have a thirst for knowledge and want to develop your equine nutrition skills? Want to get your teeth into equine specific nutritional requirements for equine conditions? Or need advice from experts on how to feed your horse or pony?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, Equine Education has a great online course which offers all the above and more.

New Advanced Equine Nutrition Course

New Advanced Equine Nutrition Course

With so many types of feed out there, as a horse owner it can be quite daunting knowing what’s correct and what isn’t when it comes to feeding your horse.

The breakdown of the course will offer up to date information and will make you feel more confident in yourself, thanks to the information provided from a leading nutrition expert who will break the course down into easy to understand sections.

There are a range of topics covered within the Advanced Equine Nutrition Course.

The first is ‘Forages and Supplementary Feeds’. This section covers the composition of a variety of feedstuffs and discusses their suitability for inclusion in equine diets.

‘Assessing condition and nutritional requirements’ will look at methods of assessing bodyweight and body condition.  The course will also consider the nutritional requirements for horses at maintenance, work and breeding which will allow you to think about what different horses may need.

The third topic ‘Feeding for Health and Performance’ gives you the opportunity to delve into feeding management strategies, which is a valuable skill to grasp for future career prospects in becoming a nutritionist. You will also take a look at the importance of fibre in the performance horse within this topic.

In the fourth topic, the course offers information on ‘Feeding Management for Specific Conditions’. This helps you understand how to manage the diet of horses with nutrition-related issues, like gastric ulcer syndrome and colic. Feeding veteran horses and the use of supplements will also be covered in this topic.

Dr Jo-Anne Murray is renowned internationally for her work on equine nutrition and she will be the tutor on this latest course. Jo-Anne is Associate Dean of Online Learning at The University of Glasgow and Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Equine Nutrition at the University’s School of Veterinary Medicine, so you can be assured you are getting the best advice and information. Jo-Anne is a Registered Nutritionist with The British Nutrition Society and a BHS Intermediate Instructor.

The good thing with this course which is the same with all the learning resources from Equine Education is that it is all online. This means you can have a much more flexible approach to the course so that it fits easily into your life. It is recommended that you spend two hours a week engaging with the course but more hours out in the better.

Computer and internet connection is all you need for this course and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home…WIN! You can access any of the material at any point and contribute to the discussions when it is necessary for you.

The duration of the Advanced Equine Nutrition Course is four weeks commencing on June 6, 2016 and will cost £39.

This is an excellent course to develop your knowledge and learn from an expert in the field of equine nutrition. It can be the first step in gaining important knowledge for future qualifications or help in decision making when it comes to feeding your horse or pony. You know they love their food!

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