McTimoney Animal Practitioners – Equine Careers and Qualifications

Equine Careers and Qualifications

McTimoney Animal Practitioners

What is a McTimoney Animal Practitioners?

McTimoney Animal Practitioners seek to rebalance the skeletal system by locating areas of tension, reduced flexibility and imbalance in the vertebral column, pelvis and feet. Using quick light adjustments, symmetry of the skeletal system is achieved in the individual patient. The body is not forced to realign but instead the stimulus of treatment creates the conditions for the horse’s body to begin a process of rebalancing itself. Over a course of several treatments, symmetry will be regained and the horse can be freed from any compensatory patterns causing discomfort.


Animal Practitioners must have completed the minimum three-year post-graduate training course, including training to level 7 in Animal Manipulations, at the McTimoney College and must have demonstrated a high level of competency to pass the stringent exams required. This is currently the only validated course in Europe in teaching techniques for adjusting animals. Only those practitioners who have qualified with the McTimoney College in Abingdon can perform these specific animal chiropractic techniques. Practitioners are required to maintain their level of expertise by undertaking minimum of 25 hours CPD per year.

McTimoney Animal Practitioners always work with veterinary permission, and are called upon to treat animals with a wide variety of conditions, sometimes where other conventional treatment has not been effective. For more information on training go to To find your local practitioner go to or follow us on Facebook at

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