Horse Hairdresser Training Academy & Professional Services

Horse Hairdresser

Horse Hairdresser Training Academy & Professional Services

We decided to get in touch with The Horse Hairdresser, Lisa Carrera, the lady behind hair extensions for horses. Here Vanessa Pugh, marketer of the Horse Hairdresser Training Academy & Professional Services, takes us through how the business idea was founded, how it’s since changed the lives of horses around the UK, and how Lisa has developed the business into a thriving training academy.

In 2009 Lisa Carrera had an idea while fitting a client with hair extensions. Lisa, a busy mother and horse owner, wondered if she could improve the appearance of her horse’s mane and a very thin tail. That is how it started. Since then Lisa has been perfecting her craft trying numerous ways, by painstakingly using a ‘strand by strand’ method.


Horse Hairdresser - Before and After

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During early spring Lisa was persuaded to launch her business and Training Academy. Lisa has since written her own training manual; which covers everything from health and safety, disease control, and has detailed every method of application.

The reaction and interest was astounding. Within a week Lisa was travelling to York to hold a training day! The students were very keen and really enjoyed it:

A review from Jennifer Brown. Training day Preston 25 June:

“I live in the north of Scotland near Inverness. I just did a round trip of 680 miles to Preston and back for training on the one day hair extensions course.  I was met by two wonderful enthusiastic ladies called Lisa and Vanessa. Some would say I was mad, but no, it was SO worth it.

“The course is very intensive, and there’s a lot to take in. But every thing is explained and shown in great detail in a very relaxed atmosphere. If you were struggling it wasn’t a problem, Lisa and Vanessa are great at going over things until you feel as ease. So don’t ever think you can’t do it, you can!

“Our morning consisted more of theory and prep work, then after lunch we spent time with some lovely horses and learning more new skills.

“On the course I met some wonderful new friends, and now I can’t wait until I complete my study cases, to which I visit my first this Thursday for consultation.

“It’s so exciting to see such enthusiasm and eagerness in sharing the knowledge and techniques to new training technicians. Whether you use this just for yourself or stepping out to work self-employed in the big wide world, I would say go for it and learn.

“In my plans to do this I know I will have support all the way from Lisa, Vanessa, Rob and all the other technicians where necessary. I’m so excited, thank you all”

Lisa’s aim is to train students so that the services can be utilised by the whole of the UK and Ireland. Her aim is to do this by the end of 2016.

“We have been inundated by overseas countries and already the plans are in place to train internationally”. Vanessa added “Unfortunately there are many cases of horses and ponies being sabotaged, i.e. Tails cut off and manes hacked off etc. Now we can help!

“We are offering a skill that would be a huge asset to any grooms’ C.V. A solution to rubbed off, chewed areas that many equestrians despair with”.

For more information on courses and services visit the Horse Hair Dresser Facebook page, or website alternatively email

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