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15 things you’ll remember if you helped at your local horse riding school as a kid

15 things you’ll remember if you helped at a riding school as a kid

If you were lucky enough, as a kid, to help out at your local horse riding school then some of the points below you may remember well…..

  1. The earlier the arrival each weekend the better as you got to choose which horses and ponies you could muck out
  2. Students were the coolest people who ever walked the planet, but really you thought you knew much more about horses than they did
  3. Friends made at a riding school, were friends made for life
  4. You used the same grooming kit for every horse, pony and donkey etc
  5. You had your favourite horse and always got jealous when someone else rode it
  6. Newbies made you feel ‘knowledgeable’ and you felt kind of ‘ace’ showing them what to do
  7. Pot noodles, chocolate and cans of coke were the staple diet
  8. You pleaded with your parents each christmas for a new grooming kit for your fav pony
  9. Leading beginners around made you feel important
  10. Working a ‘late’ made you feel super important
  11. You spent every minute away from the riding stables engrossed in horse books and videos that featured horses, and their riders, even if the vid’s were all in subtitles
  12. You dreamt of the day you could own your own horses and the freedom you would feel being able to ride how you wanted to
  13. You desperately wanted to be that person behind the desk making the decisions on who rides what horse
  14. You could tack up in under three minutes
  15. Christmas gymkhana games with your yard buddies rocked, on horse back or off!!