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10 Show Day Catastrophes, in Order of Appearance

10 Show Day Catastrophes, in Order of Appearance10 Show Day Catastrophes, in Order of Appearance

10 Show Day Catastrophes, in Order of Appearance

So it’s show day! You’re ready to go the night before, you’ve mentally played out the next day’s schedule over a thousand times in your head, so your day should go like clockwork.

Here’s 10 show day catastrophes, in order of appearance you may, or may not be able to relate to;

  1. You arrive at the yard to find your horse has ripped off his Lycra vest, laying in a pile of poo right on his ‘white bits’. Out comes the bucket and sponge for a quick shampoo before you go but hey, you expected this bit, right?!
  2. You make it to the trailer, you’re ready to box and your horse has a new found ‘phobia’ of the trailer he’s loaded into more than say, 100 times!
  3. So you get to the show after battling with said horse only to realise that, after leaving in such a hurry, you’ve forgotten the saddle.
  4. You’ve traveled home to pick up the saddle, you’ve already missed your first class but panic not, you’ve just made it and you’re ready to go. As you go to mount, the horse in the next box to you is having a ‘melt down’, upsetting your usually happy, settled horse turning him into the devil in disguise.
  5. You get to the ring, a little sweaty and attempt a warm up before your class starts, only to realise there’s around 25 horses already trying to warm up! The ring consists of the usual Swan Lake ballet bunch looking perfect, a few Section A ponies careering around with young children on board, and the odd working hunter that you daren’t go near as his owner looks like he may make you cry….
  6. You decide to warm up elsewhere before waiting patiently outside the ring for the organisers to announce that your class can not start until ring 4 has finished. This news further winds you up as patience isn’t on the top of your horse’s ‘to do’ list.
  7. You eventually make it into the ring, your horse continues his upset tantrum by trotting around like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. You barely stay on, whilst onlookers gasp and you’re asked to leave the ring.
  8. You leave the ring, feeling rather deflated, for the horse to instantly calm down and walk back to the box like he’s just ran the Badminton Horse Trials cross country course.
  9. You get back to the box to find someone’s parked that close to you that you can’t lead your horse around the side, let alone tie him up to un-tack.
  10. In complete dismay you decide drive home deciding showing isn’t for you…..until next time!

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