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10 Reasons Why Your Gelding CAN Wear Pink!

Geldings can wear pink! Equidivine products displayedGeldings can wear pink! Equidivine products displayed

10 Reasons Why Your Gelding CAN Wear Pink!

OK so we’ve all done it, we head to the tack shop and leave with something very pink for our gelding….will he know, probably not, but here are some great excuses you can give your ‘horsey’ chums as you and your ‘totes amaze gelding’ gallivant across the yard, a vision in pink!!

  1. It’s reflective! well some anyway (great excuse to buy hot pink!!)
  2. Your horse has no idea he’s wearing pink, he doesn’t know boys don’t like pink
  3. It’s OK, he’s in touch with his feminine side!
  4.  No other colours were available and you desperately need it
  5. Don’t tell anyone….ride when no-one is there then you won’t need to give an excuse
  6. He needs pink to concentrate when your riding, any other colour makes him ‘spooky’
  7. You’re colour blind, “really it’s pink? I never knew, oh well I’ve bought it now so I’ll have to use it!”
  8. He’s told you he likes to wear pink as it makes him feel good
  9. It was free so you couldn’t really say no….
  10. It’s a family heirloom, passed down generation to generation (just make sure you throw the price tags away)

With any luck, these great excuses will allow you and your gelding to gallop into the sunset wearing pink without worry. fear or shame……………..