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10 reasons why we horse owners love to hate September


10 reasons why we horse owners love to hate September

Own a horse? Then you may find some (if not all) of the below points more than familiar at this time of year! Think we’ve missed some behaviours or owner experiences out, then feel free to leave your comments below…

  1. The minute you take the plunge to rug overnight, the Indian summer unexpectedly commences. Warm nights and hot days meet downpours worthy of the Caribbean Islands.
  2. Your poor horse is left growing his winter coat only to shed more coat as the days become hot once again. Striking a balance is almost impossible.
  3. You’re eager to start the winter routine but give it a week, to 10 days, you’ll be longing for summer once again.
  4. The September grass springs into action and again you find yourself handling the usual placid 14hh pony, that now things he’s 18hh and a stallion (hat and gloves at the ready).
  5. And on the silly season note, enjoy riding your newly backed four-year-old (actual age 14) at this time of year!
  6. You decide to get organised, spending hundreds on a completely new horse bed as (for those who are lucky enough) your horse has had 24hr grazing for the past 6 months. Instead the sun cracks its flags for another 4 weeks leaving said bed to go stale.
  7. You continually tell your stable mates it’s OK for your horse to go into the winter sporting a fuller figure as he’ll lowe it over the winter, when really you’re panicking, worrying about laminitis ( yes there’s still risk in September), strain on the joints and colic.
  8. Your life hangs in suspense, when do you order that first bale of haylage. Too soon and it’ll go off, all 2 tonne of it, too late and you’ll have to beg and borrow off that friend who no matter what always gets it right.
  9. Your horse now spends all day, everyday bolting around the field because of the spring like grass meaning you dread bringing in as something may (will) be wrong. Perhaps a broken or missing over reach boot or worse a sprained tendon.
  10. You’ve saved for winter (how chuffed you are with yourself)  only for your car to break down. Now, instead of meeting winter with a healthy savings balance to help you through, your car roles over a nice repair charge of £1500!!

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